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Welcome To The NEW Pocketo Collection

Welcome To The NEW Pocketo Collection

Why Choose Sareer?

For approximately thirty years Sareer Furniture has been a driving force in the UK’s wholesale bedroom furniture, mattress and topper supplying sector and also within the realm of bed technology advances.

We are proud to be leaders in the industry, based in West Yorkshire, National Bed Federation members and we support The Sleep Council.

Sareer are widely respected and enjoy a wonderful amount of repeat business because we regularly exceed expectations. Our experience has taught us that we must never stand and watch and we innovate with zeal.

Everything that we do has the product user at the forefront of our minds.

From selecting from a choice of manufacturers designs, textures, finishes and styles, to envisaging future trends and requirements we want to be and deliver the best, whether that’s for a bulk order, repeat business or a one-off purchase.

All clients deserve the absolute best in all areas, customer service, delivery, technology, design, manufacture, materials...the list is almost endless because we care about every stitch, every spring and every fibre in products that bear the Sareer name so that’s all that we offer, the absolute best with no excuses.

Our outstanding and long lasting reputation has been built upon over the years and Sareer management and employees protect it fiercely, we’re driven and promise that we never wish to lose the faith of the customers so we don’t give any time to lacklustre, dispassionate, unprofessional, overpriced or substandard.

Those words are anathema to all of us at Sareer, without doubt.

Sareer offer the consumer convenience, timesaving opportunities and we’re undeniably cost effective but quality maximising, so we have to ask - why would you want to go anywhere else?

The New Pocketo Collection.

In 2015 proof of our never ending search for innovation in the evolution of beds and mattresses is illustrated in our brand new prestigious mattresses, please let us introduce the Sareer Pocketo Mattress range.

They’re such good mattresses that clients have our full permission to feel decadent as they melt into their mattress for the most divine and excellently supported sleep experience. They’re a retailer’s dream.

Sareer were the most talked about and visionary company in the bedding and U.K. mattress manufacturing industry in the last twelve months thanks to this range and our other marvellous Matrah collection.

We can even make the confident assertion that retailers will find their customer the ideal mattress in the new Sareer Pocketo range.

All of our mattresses are produced in the U.K. by a team of craftspeople with an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise. They fully understand mattresses and the user’s requirements.

Every single one of our Sareer Pocketo mattresses comes with an awe inspiring and reassuring ten year guarantee as standard. That’s how certain we are that this product range is one of the best on the market.

The Pocketo mattresses have1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 pockets, all hand stitched for maximum support levels, air vents and technology that means that no sleeper needs to worry about roll together problems.

Our natural fillings of Polly fill rebound cotton, memory wool, silk, cashmere and pure new wool are sourced from U.K. farms and the optimum standard of U.K. sourced fabrics add to the comfort as well as the design quality and arguably the best attribute is that every mattress has a designer quality edge to them but they are made to order.

The mattresses are fairly weighty so handles have been added for ease of movement.

Quality and Costs.

We can forgive customers for wondering if the superior quality mattresses in the Sareer Pocketo range have extortionate eye watering price tags attached to them.

We can also answer with a resounding “No.”

Although we never compromise on quality and style we ensure that our price obligations are met. That’s why our mattresses are the most cost effective on the market, you might even say the cheapest while being the best.

Excellence is in Sareer’s business ethic but compromising, overpricing and under delivering are not and they never will be.

At Sareer we want consumers to have unimaginably fine sleep experiences in total comfort and not to be made to endure frustration and restless nights of discomfort caused by inferior technology and materials that soon achieve a negative effect on a person’s state of health and wellbeing. (They are available from others.)

The Complete Wholesaler.

For a complete service from us as a wholesale retailer we also sell an exemplary range of fabric, metal, wooden and leather bedroom furniture including day beds and kid’s beds, and toppers to compliment the mattresses in the brand new Sareer Pocketo and existing Sareer Matrah collections.

We understand that everyone’s days are hectic so we don’t cost you your valuable precious time. We’re extremely proud of our helpful service and our lead times.

Our mattresses are provided flat or rolled and with maximum packaging for their protection. If the item (or items) is ordered before midday we are pleased to guarantee that delivery will be on the next day, that’s to the business premises or directly to a customer’s home address via our high performance level couriers.

In Conclusion.

We confidently, not arrogantly, believe that you won’t hesitate to return to us time after time safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a company and a team that has your interests at heart.

At Sareer Furniture we care about what we do and our dedication and eye for detail has not depreciated over the years, they simply grow stronger.

We sincerely look forward to working as partners with you and exceeding your expectations.

And you can be sure that as much as we adore the new and exceptionally high quality and value Sareer Pocketo mattress range that should any new technological or design innovations present themselves we will not rest until we have incorporated them into our products.

We refuse to compromise on our, the retailer’s and the end user’s behalf.