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Why Choose Us For Bedroom Furniture?

Why Choose Us For Bedroom Furniture?

We appreciate that when retailers need to purchase stock there are a multitude of wholesale bed furniture suppliers in the U.K. and beyond so why should you choose Sareer Furniture and not one of these competitors?

Read on for our compelling answer.

For over thirty years Sareer Furniture has been a force in the wholesale bedroom furniture industry, we are respected and can boast an enviable reputation.
We’ve learned a lot during our years working with clients and we do everything with them and the bed’s end user in mind.
We know the requirements, likes and dislikes inside and out.

From choosing manufacturers designs, finishes and materials to innovation, future trends and technology we never compromise on customer satisfaction or quality whether it’s for a one–off order or a bulk purchase.

Our good name has been gratifyingly earned and treasured by everyone at Sareer Furniture. We’ve gone further, innovated, explored possibilities, experimented with manufacturing partners and we’ve pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible in comfort and design.

Thirty years ago we started with drive, ambition and dedication and we have not let those vital qualities diminish over time and we instil them in our employees.

We have a wonderful range of bedroom furniture for adults and children in single, double and king-size dimensions, daybeds, bunk beds and guest beds.

Whether a metal, wood, fabric or leather finished bed frame is required we offer choice and value with an expert eye to detail and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Nothing less than consistently excellent is stocked by us.

We are exceptionally proud of our Matrah mattress range, made to meet fire safety requirements in the U.K., crafted in various materials with honest comfort ratings and for a number of different criteria, orthopaedic or sports, for example.

Retailers can trust our mattresses not to just meet but to repeatedly exceed their customer’s expectations.

Sareer Furniture also stocks mattress toppers so that retailers can source their beds, mattresses and toppers from one reputable place.

Convenient, timesaving and cost effective, why would you need or want to go anywhere else?

We suggest a hasty re-evaluation if you hold the belief that a lower budget and a reasonable price tag limits the purchaser to the standard, the unimaginative, a product that was deemed great in the past or a lacklustre seller because we only offer the absolute best quality and lead times at the best prices.

At Sareer Furniture we want consumers to have unimaginably rewarding sleep experiences in maximum comfort and design, not restless nights of discomfort caused by inferior technology and materials that have a disastrous effect on health and wellbeing. (They are available elsewhere.)

A bed is one of the most important purchases that a person makes from a trusted home or bed furniture retailer and we believe in supplying the products to satisfy everyone.

We hope that once you’ve used us once you’ll return to us time after time for stock, as many clients do.