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Sareer Matrah Mattresses

Sareer Matrah Mattresses

At Sareer Furniture we have been specialist wholesalers of bedroom furniture for over thirty years and we never stop seeking the newest innovations to enable the end user to enjoy the best sleep experience so we took our time, over twelve months, to research, create, develop and perfect our Sareer Matrah mattress range.  

We are magnificently proud of our products and, in case you were wondering, Matrah is the ancient Greek word for mattress but our Matrah offers far more than any standard mattress in appearance, effectiveness and value for money.

We’ve pushed the boundaries of what was deemed to be the utmost in comfort, support and design techniques and while we appreciate that there are many mattresses on sale in the domestic and worldwide market that claim to be superior we truly believe that we offer unrivalled excellence to the retailers who take advantage of our expertise and the long shelf life of the U.K. sourced raw materials which, with craftsmanship and dedication, go in to our mattresses.

We can make the bold assertion that every single customer will find their ideal mattress within the Matrah range and enjoy the confidence of the five year guarantee for foam and pocket mattresses and a twelve month one for open coil products.
They’ll never regret using Sareer’s Matrah mattresses.

This is our current Sareer Matrah mattress range:

  • Gel coil
  • Gel pocket
  • Gel foam
  • Latex pocket
  • Latex coil
  • Latex foam
  • Cool blue pocket memory
  • Cool blue memory foam
  • Cool blue memory coil
  • Pocket reflex plus
  • Reflex plus coil
  • Reflex plus Matrah
  • Pocket sprung
  • Pocket memory
  • Memory coil
  • Memory foam
  • Economical Matrah

All of our mattresses are provided vacuum rolled and boxed for their protection and if the stock is ordered before midday we are pleased to say that delivery is guaranteed for the next day to either the business premises or direct to a customers address via our trusted and high service level couriers.

We don’t believe in offering excuses, instead we promise prompt delivery and we refuse to compromise on quality.

In addition to our mattresses we expanded our product range to include mattress toppers.
So, even if the customer wants to keep their existing mattress any of our toppers can be purchased, simply fitted over the mattress and for years it will offer the customer the marvellous Matrah benefits.

Sareer mattress toppers are stocked in:

  • Gel foam
  • Memory foam
  • Cool blue memory foam
  • Latex foam
  • Mini pocket memory foam
  • Reflex foam memory topper

Think of Sareer Furniture as a one-stop wholesaler that saves precious time and money whatever your customer’s requirements.
We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our products and return to them, and us, regularly for restocking purposes.
The Sareer Matrah mattresses and toppers boast the lowest costs available but guarantee extraordinarily high levels of luxury, design and comfort.
We are proud to be U.K based and to actively support U.K. manufacturing and retail.  
We sincerely look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations.